About us

Carousel Dance and Drama company was founded by Sally Burbage in 2002.
Carousel has been running classes in creative movement, drama and ballet in London since 2002 and the New Forest, Christchurch area since 2012.

Sally attended the Art Educational School where she received a Dance Diploma accredited by the Council of Dance in Education. Sally also holds a 2.1 B.A. Honors degree in Dance from Middlesex University, London.
Sally continued her training, gaining a teaching diploma from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance and she's an approved dance teacher for the I.S.T.D.

Sally's teachers have all received professional dance teaching training, hold CRBs and First Aid training.

Sally personally trains each teacher to the required standard of the Carousel method.

Carousel Dance and Drama offers to children, weekly ballet, tap and dance and drama classes with a creative objective, encouraging them to accumulate essential life skills as they progress including confidence, focus, emotional development, working as part of a team, vocal and listening abilities.

Carousel has developed a unique approach to teaching children bringing out the best in every child through movement, rhythm and music.

The Ballet and Tap classes:
These lessons are fun and creative with an emphasis on building confidence and coordination.
The children skip, gallop, tiptoe and dance to classical and Jazz music learning about the joy of movement.

They will learn ballet and tap technique as well as dancing their way through imaginative stories and games.

As they progress, they will have the option to participate in exams as well as performing for the parents at watching days at the end of each term.

The Dance and Drama classes:
These lessons are skilfully guided on an original and magical storyline.
The children explore through their bodies and imaginations themes like the Jungle or the Toy box.

All the classes are age specific and develop overtime, encouraging both independence and cooperative skills.

As the children progress, they learn how to choreograph their own dances as well as creating and acting out stories together.

The classes are taught using the 'Carousel method' devised by Sally and used by her dedicated team of teachers. The classes focus on developing confidence and encourage ideas and creative input from the children.

The classes have been observed, with approval, by several Ofsted Inspectors.

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