Dance and Drama

Each lesson is skilfully guided on an original and magical storyline. The children explore through their bodies and imaginations themes like the Jungle or the Toyshop.

Our classes encourage confidence, emotional development, vocal and listening ability, musicality, physical co-ordination,movement quality and balance, as well as providing cardiovascular exercise.

With its chosen theme, each class progresses through a number of carefully arranged stages; starting with “Circle Time,” where the emphasis is on breathing and focusing attention before moving into the more physical and creatively stimulating activities.

These activities involve the children in dance, mime, improvisation, choreography, song, puppet props, games and role-play.

They are, above all FUN - as they enter and move around an imaginary world where they skip, crawl, gallop, or creep on tiptoes as the story in which they participate unfolds!

The lesson and the “adventure” draw to a close with a return to Stillness and Calm and a Breathing Space of Gentle Relaxation under “The Magic Sky.”

At the end of the 'after School' classes the parents/carers are invited in to watch the "Good-bye Dance".

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