Acrobatic Arts

The Acrobatic Arts Syllabus combines Dance Technique with strong elements of Gymnastics. Through progressive, weekly training, your child will gain extensive skills and understanding of the two disciplines blended together.

Each class starts with a fun, energetic warm up. We then move onto the core part of the class which involves floor work performed on mats. During this section, the children will learn and practice exciting gymnastic moves like forward rolls, handstands and cartwheels, moving onto more complicated ones when they are ready. All of this whilst being aided and supported by our experienced teaching staff. The class then moves onto our cool down section which is always followed by a fun, exciting game to finish the class.

During our Acro Class the Children will learn new skills such as limbering, tumbling and partner work incorporated into fun dance routines. This will help them to improve important aspects of their development such as balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. Whilst getting cardiovascular exercise are classes are above all GREAT FUN!

Together with the teachers guidance your child's confidence and focus will flourish. They will excel in a new discipline whilst making friends and mastering transferable skills that can be utilised in other activities.

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